Friday, October 6, 2023

3 Inspiring Ways to Promote Your Offer Using Print + Digital

Reaching your ideal audience while remaining mindful of the bottom line seems like the dream in marketing. By fusing print and digital marketing to promote your offers, customers will benefit from better communication and accessibility to your business.

Working together with online platforms can be instrumental in publicizing your content in a relatable and current way.

Today’s marketplace is increasingly online, which means businesses need to think outside the box when it comes to marketing and promoting their business to potential customers.

3 Creative Ways to Showcase Your Business Utilizing Print and Digital

Branding your company to a broader audience on multiple platforms can be intimidating, but with a few simple and energizing ideas, you will surely gain traction with today’s customers.

1) Use a QR code on your posters and flyers

A QR code is a type of barcode that smartphone cameras can read easily.

Once scanned, the camera will open up the designated website. This ability to get a potential customer directly to your website without typing in the website is both simple and effective.

There are many free QR code generators available. Customers will appreciate the easy access to your website and the ease of saving it onto their phone for reference later. Additionally, QR codes simplify posters and flyers by not having extra words weighing down or busying the overall aesthetic. 

2) Connect your social media to printed materials for deals

Don’t let your social media and printed marketing be islands; make them complement each other.

One application is to include an insert in your product packaging that encourages customers to post their purchase to their social media and tag your business or use a specific hashtag. Once the customer posts with the specific hashtag, you will send them a discount code for a future purchase.

This strategy uses customers as ambassadors online for you while also drawing them into stores to purchase a product. Connect your customers to your online presence to grow your digital content and familiarize customers and future customers with your business.

3) Merge your physical mail and email customers

On your physical mailers, have an option for customers to sign up for your email list.

This will give you flexibility and another platform to showcase your materials. Additionally, having customers subscribe to your emails will increase awareness of your current and upcoming deals and more.

Today’s marketplace is ever-changing and increasingly digital, so ensure your business stands out on digital and print platforms. Digital and print marketing do not need to be mutually exclusive. Contact us today to unite your online and printed materials to meet your company’s unique needs.

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Driving Foot Traffic: 9 Offline Marketing Strategies for Brick and Mortar Stores

As the retail landscape evolves, a well-conceived offline marketing strategy remains critical for attracting and retaining customers in brick-and-mortar stores.

To achieve this goal, a well-crafted offline marketing strategy is essential. 

Harness the Power of Offline Marketing to Improve Foot Traffic to Your Business

Here are ten strategies to help you drive foot traffic into your store.

Have a Clear Brand Voice

Your brand voice sets you apart from other businesses.

Establishing and maintaining a consistent tone of voice will help customers recognize your store.

Host Events

Promote events within your store to get people in the door.

Try hosting workshops, classes, or community-oriented activities like movie nights or local artists' exhibitions.

Join Local Organizations

Get involved in your local community by joining organizations and networking with other businesses.

This will help you drive foot traffic to your store and increase your visibility within the community.

Run Contests & Giveaways

A great way to attract people to your store is by running contests or giveaways.

Include promotional information with each prize to help spread the word about your store.

Create Loyalty Programs

Offering discounts and rewards for loyal customers is a great way to build customer loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Send Out Promotional Flyers

Reach out to customers by sending physical mailers with promotional offers or coupons.

You can also distribute flyers at local events or post them in strategic locations in the community.

Offer Discounts & Incentives

Offering discounts or incentives can effectively drive foot traffic into your store.

Consider offering student or senior citizen discounts or even a buy-one-get-one special.

Invest in Local Advertising

Invest in local advertising, such as radio spots, billboards, and signage.

This will help to increase the visibility of your store and attract customers.

Focus on Customer Service

Excellent customer service is critical to successful retail marketing.

Ensure you provide a positive experience for all your customers so they will want to return. 

Boost Your Business' Foot Traffic with Print!

Are you looking for ways to draw more customers into your brick-and-mortar store? 

Print marketing can be a powerful tool in driving foot traffic, as it's tangible, cost-effective, and can reach a broad audience. 

Consider using print to increase foot traffic into your store: 

  • Place print advertisements in local newspapers, magazines, and other publications.

  • Create attractive brochures or flyers that highlight your store's products and services.

  • Hang posters or banners at busy intersections or high-traffic areas.

  • Decorate store windows with colorful displays that draw attention to the store.

  • Invest in direct mail campaigns to target local customers with promotional offers or coupons.

  • Offer discounts for customers who bring in cut-out ads from magazines or newspapers.

  • Place outdoor signage with your store's logo and contact information near high-traffic areas like highways, shopping malls, and airports.

  • Distribute postcards to customers in the area with information about your store and promotional discounts.

Now is the time for your business to benefit from offline marketing strategies. Start by establishing a clear brand voice, getting involved in local organizations, and creating attractive print materials that promote your store.

With consistent effort and the right approach, you can build an offline marketing plan that is sure to draw customers into your store. 

Contact us today to get started!

Friday, September 8, 2023

Q&A: How Can I Use Print to Get My Business Noticed and Sales Funnel Overflowing?

It's no secret that you need to get noticed if you want your business to succeed.
But with so much competition, how do you stand out and ensure your sales funnel is overflowing?
Here's what the experts have to say!

Question: What are the most compelling printed products to help my business get noticed?

Answer: The tried-and-true method of printed materials remains one of the most effective ways to get your business noticed.
Business cards, flyers, and brochures are great for getting people interested in your company and its services.
But don't forget the power of mailers – a well-crafted direct mail campaign can generate leads and drive sales.

Question: How can I use print materials to attract potential customers?

Answer: Make sure your print materials are eye-catching and attractive. Research the colors, fonts, and images that best convey your message.
Be sure to include all the critical information, like your business name, logo, website URL, contact numbers, and a brief description of what you do.
Additionally, be creative with text, such as puns or jokes, to make reading fun and interesting.

Question: Are there any tips on maximizing the visibility of my printed material?

Answer: Print materials can be highly effective, but if you don't get them into the right hands, they won't help you.
Make sure to target your audience appropriately – think about their age range, where they live, and their lifestyle.
Local events and trade shows can be great places to distribute printed materials. Consider leaving brochures and flyers at nearby cafes, libraries, or even in the mailboxes of potential customers.

Question: How can I ensure the right people see my flyers, brochures, and posters?

Answer: Word of mouth is always a powerful tool – talk to community members and ask them to help spread the word about your business.

You can also use social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter to promote your materials. Create digital versions of your flyers, brochures, and posters for sharing online. 

Question: How often should I print promotional materials to stay top-of-mind with potential customers?

Answer: It depends on the kind of business you have and how often your promotions change.
If you frequently change your promotional materials, printing new copies every few months or so is best.
But if your promotions vary infrequently, printing once a year should be enough to keep customers informed.

Question: Are there any other ways I can use printed products to get more customers?

Answer: You can also use printed products as incentives or rewards for your existing customers!
Offer a discount coupon or a freebie with a purchase to encourage people to return and shop with you again. You can even create loyalty cards with discounts or special offers after customers accumulate points.
If you're looking for an effective way to get your business noticed and increase your sales, contact us today!
We can help you create compelling print materials to catch potential customers' attention and give your business an edge. Let us show you how the right printed products can be a great asset in helping your business succeed!

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

9 Tips for Creating a Successful Coupon Marketing Strategy

A well-crafted coupon marketing strategy has the potential to not only drive sales but also enhance brand awareness and loyalty.

Coupons can entice potential customers and encourage repeat purchases by offering attractive discounts, exclusive deals, and personalized incentives. Additionally, leveraging data analytics and customer insights can provide valuable information to fine-tune your strategy and maximize its effectiveness.

With a strategic approach and thorough research, you can develop the right plan to help you achieve your goals and establish a strong connection with your target audience.

Achieve Your Marketing Outcomes with These 9 Effective Coupon Strategies!

Check out these nine key strategies to make the most of your coupon marketing campaigns.

1. Have a Goal

Whether you want to drive traffic or increase sales volume, determine specific goals and objectives for your coupon strategy.

This will help you measure the effectiveness of your efforts and ensure that they align with your overall marketing objectives.

2. Know Your Audience

Start by researching your target audience and what motivates them.

Understand their needs, values, preferences, and purchasing behavior so you can tailor your strategy and create coupons that will be most attractive to them.

3. Strike the Right Tone

Choose an appropriate tone for your coupons that reflects your brand voice.

Do you want to sound professional, friendly, or fun? Think about your target audience and pick a tone that best resonates with them.

4. Focus on Attractive Design Elements

Create eye-catching visuals for your coupons.

Whether you are designing a physical voucher or an online one, make sure it stands out and catches the eye of potential customers.

5. Make Your Message Clear

Make sure to clearly state the discount amount and any other relevant details, such as expiration date, in a prominent place on the coupon.

6. Provide Multiple Offers

Consider creating different types of coupons for additional products or services your business offers.

This can help you target different customer segments and tailor your campaigns for a specific audience.

7. Reward Brand Loyalty

Offer exclusive discounts or rewards to loyal customers as part of your coupon strategy.

This is a great way to reward those returning and encourage them to remain faithful to your brand.

8. Consider Creative Coupon Contests

Run contests or sweepstakes to attract more customers and encourage them to use coupons in exchange for a chance to win attractive prizes.

9. Track Your Success

Measure the success of each coupon campaign by tracking redemption rates, sales, and ROI over time.

Constantly evaluate your coupon strategy and adapt it when needed to stay ahead of the competition and remain competitive.

With the right approach, coupons can boost your sales and increase customer loyalty.

Want to put the power of coupons to work for you? We are your expert coupon marketing team. Contact us today to start planning your next coupon campaign.

Friday, September 1, 2023

6 Special Day-Themed Print Marketing Campaign Ideas for Fall

For many businesses, September marks the time to start planning their marketing campaigns and promotions for fall.
With colder weather comes various special days and holidays perfect for getting creative with your marketing efforts.
From classic Thanksgiving and Halloween themes to more unexpected events like National Coffee Day, here are seven unique ideas for fall print campaigns.

Make Special-Themed Days Memorable with These Printed Material Features!

Custom Stickers for National Cheeseburger Day (September 18th)

Take advantage of National Cheeseburger Day by creating custom stickers featuring a mouth-watering cheeseburger image that customers can stick on their phones, computers, bikes, or anywhere else they like.
Include the stickers with your direct mail packages and invite your customers to share images of themselves using the sticker for a chance to win an exclusive prize.

National Coffee Day Postcards (September 29th)

Send a direct mail postcard advertising a free cup of coffee for purchases made in-store on National Coffee Day. 
This entices new customers, fosters loyalty, generates positive word-of-mouth, and creates a sense of festive engagement.

Die-Cut Recipe Cards for National Taco Day (October 4th)

Who doesn't love a good taco?

Celebrate National Taco Day by curating exclusive direct mail packages, including a die-cut taco-shaped recipe card revealing the secrets to crafting the perfect taco.

Die-Cut Postcards for Halloween (October 31st)

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to run a thrilling and captivating direct mail campaign!
Picture this - a brilliantly crafted design that instantly catches the eyes of your customers, filled with spooky elements that send shivers down their spines.
Vibrant orange postcards die-cut in the shape of pumpkins are ideal for promoting your irresistible Halloween sale.

Embossed Business Cards for World Kindness Day (November 13th)

Embossed cards are an excellent way to make a lasting impression this World Kindness Day!
Create custom-designed embossed cards with inspiring messages or beautiful artwork and include them in your direct mail campaign.
These one-of-a-kind cards will show your customers that you genuinely care about their feelings and appreciate their loyalty.

Personalized Thank You Cards for Thanksgiving (November 23rd)

Show your customers gratitude for their continued support with a Thanksgiving-themed direct mail campaign.
Offer exclusive discounts on specific products or services or send out thank you cards with personalized messages of appreciation.

Are you looking to create memorable, effective direct mail campaigns for special-themed days this fall? We are the team you can count on to get the job done! Contact us today to get started.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Getting a Head Start: 11 Print Marketing Ideas for Back-to-School Season

Back-to-school season is a time for parents, students, and educators to prepare for the upcoming school year. 

It's also an excellent opportunity for businesses to capitalize on the spending rush of starting a new academic term.

73% of back-to-school shoppers plan to shop in late July and early August, so it's not too early to start marketing now. When it comes to promoting your business during back-to-school season, nothing beats print marketing!

11 Great Print Marketing Ideas to Give Your Business a Head Start This School Year

1. Back-to-School Flyers

Create a catchy, eye-catching flyer that targets parents and students with special deals, discounts, or promotions for the back-to-school season.

Have them distributed around local schools and neighborhoods.


Design a unique bookmark to be included in student textbooks or given out as free keepsakes.

Include your logo, contact information, and any relevant offers or discounts for back-to-school shoppers.

3. School Supplies

Brand your line of school supplies with your business logo and colors.

These make great giveaways at local schools or events related to the start of the school year.

4. Posters

Create colorful posters to be hung around schools, libraries, or local businesses in your area.

Feature back-to-school deals and promotions for parents and students to take advantage of.

5. Catalogs

Put together a catalog featuring all the back-to-school products and services you offer.

Have them distributed around local schools and neighborhoods.

6. Special Offers

Send postcards or mailers to local families with special back-to-school deals and discounts.

Include your logo and contact information for added visibility.

7. Stickers

Have custom stickers that feature your business logo, colors, and any relevant offers or promotions for the back-to-school season.

Have them distributed around schools or mail them to local parents and students.

8. Classroom Magazines

Put together classroom magazines filled with back-to-school deals, promotions, and helpful tips for the upcoming school year.

Feature your business logo and contact information on the cover page of each issue.

9. Shopping Lists

Create shopping lists that feature your business's back-to-school products and services.

Include them in mailers or have them distributed around local schools.

10. Postcards

Send postcards with helpful tips for the upcoming school year to parents and students in your target area.

Feature your logo, contact information, and any relevant offers or discounts that you're offering for the back-to-school season.

11. Notebooks

Have custom notebooks made up with your business logo and colors.

These can be distributed to local schools or given as free keepsakes during back-to-school events and promotions.

Businesses can give themselves a real head start by taking advantage of the increased spending around back-to-school season.

Use these 11 print marketing ideas to get the message out about your business and engage with parents, students, and educators during this important time of year.

Don't let the back-to-school rush catch you unprepared! Contact us today to find out how we can help your business capitalize on the excitement of the new school year!

Friday, July 7, 2023

The Evolution of the Business Card: What You Need to Know

The business card has come a long way since its inception centuries ago.

It has become an essential part of every company's identity. But what is its origin, and why is it relevant in business today?

Where Did Business Cards Come From?

In the 15th century, China introduced "visiting cards."

Essentially, people carried small cards to showcase their importance. Visiting cards were considered a tool for self-promotion and were utilized to request meetings.

What are Trade Cards?

Trade cards were invented in the 17th century to help people find businesses in major cities where addresses were uncommon.
During the 17th century, people followed a strict code of etiquette when interacting with each other. With the onset of the industrial revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries, this formality began to blur the line between social and trade interactions.
People needed a way to introduce themselves and their businesses, which led to the creation of business cards.

What Were the Most Popular Print Options for Early Business Cards?

The print industry significantly changed in the 18th century, with copperplate engraving losing popularity in favor of the more modern woodcut and letterpress printing.
The 19th century pushed the envelope even further with the introduction of lithographic printing. This process enabled business owners to use multiple color options known as stones on their business cards. This novel print technique permitted a maximum of 15 colored stones per individual business card.
During the 1890s, die-cut cards grew in popularity and were used by wealthy businesses to create attractive, uniquely shaped cards. These businesses also used folding cards, cards with moving parts, and those that revealed secret messages when held up to light to distinguish themselves from others.

What are Some of the Most Popular Trends in Business Cards Today?


One of the most recent trends in business card design is minimalism.

Minimalist designs focus on simplicity and clear messaging, often using a single color or photograph as a focal point.
These cards are often more cost-effective since they require fewer printing and design costs. Additionally, the lack of bulk helps them stand out from the crowd and makes them easier to store in a pocket or briefcase.

QR codes

Another popular business card trend is the use of QR codes.

QR codes are matrix barcodes that can be scanned using a smartphone's camera, allowing people to quickly access contact details or other information.
They are often integrated into the design of business cards, allowing potential customers to quickly and easily access information without having to write it down. For example, you could include a QR code that directs individuals to your LinkedIn profile

Unique materials

Finally, even the material used to make business cards has evolved.
While traditional paper remains popular, plastic and metal cards are becoming increasingly trendy for their durability and modern aesthetic look. Plastic cards can be printed with high-quality images and graphics, while metal cards have a luxurious and professional feel.
Although the way business cards are created has changed over time, their purpose remains the same: to provide a tangible representation of who you are and what your business stands for.
Whether a traditional paper card or a modern digital one, your business card should make an impression on potential customers and help them remember your company.
With the right design, materials, and messaging, you can ensure your business card stands out from the crowd - no matter your industry.
Are you looking to create a business card to get your company noticed? Contact our team today to get started!